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Shorts & Cropped Set Explosive

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Product Features:

  • Manufacturer: Rock Code.
  • Country: Brazil.
  • Product Type:Printed Cropped Shorts and Top Set..
  • Fabric Type: ELASTIC (Rock Code Fabric) 

    91% Polyester
    9% Spandex

  • Available in *Unique Size(U): Fit Sizes from Small (S) (AUS Size 8) to Medium (M) (AUS. size 10).

  • Limited edition print. This unique print was inspired by Army Camouflage and the Camo explosive trends.

Technical features:

  • Shorts and Top that suits the body format.
  • Soft & Comfortable.
  • Good breathability.
  • Easy Care.
  • Great durability (Long lasting prints without fading).
  • Excellent Flexibility and elasticity.
  • Thermal comfort.
  • Body-shaping and great for demanding workouts.
  • Suitable for running, boxing, pilates, HIIT, weight lifting, and more.
  • Lightweight fabric moves sweat away with ease and  dries fast. 
  •  Illustrative image (Copyright Rock Code).

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