What Inspire Us?


My inspiration for health and beauty originates from my birthplace, Venezuela. A country well known for its beauty in nature and its people. Musa, is a term used in Venezuela to mean “inspiration”.

Having spent many years in Brazil, I have come to learn that the term ‘Musa’ is used locally to describe ‘stunning’ women; not only for their physical appearance but also for their great taste for fashion and looks.

Musa Spirit was born to inspire Australian women to embrace the passion for fitness by dropping the traditional and simple fitness attire, and to join in a journey of colours and creativity.

Above all, Musa Spirit strives to offer top quality products at reasonable prices.

This is what drives Musa Spirit.

Our goal is to help you, “Keep Fit in Style”.

Over the next several months, Musa Spirit will continue to  introduce some amazing Brazilian and multinational brands, including our “own” Australian designed  in the not too distant future.

Join me on this journey and I hope you truly enjoy our products, giving you the inspiration to “Keep Fit in Style”.