Musa Minx Kat



Katherine Ross:

Age: 33

Born: New Zealand - Australian citizen.

Occupation: Environmental science and Risk Management Professional.

Hobbies and Passions:

My main sporting focus is adventure/multi-sport racing (ocean swimming, paddling, mountain biking and trail running). I participate in both the multi-discipline and single discipline races (e.g. just paddling) year round, including racing in the Australasian Multi-sport Championships and the Ocean Surfski World Series.

I view my sporting career as being a constant work in progress, as with any sport you can always be fitter/faster/stronger, and when you have 4 disciplines to work on, that’s 4 times as many opportunities to be better! I also supplement my training with weight lifting to develop power (and because it’s fun!); and I’m grateful that Perth has such great weather, as it means I can train outdoors all year round.

Travelling is my other main passion, and I like to try and see parts of the local area wherever I am by hopping on a mountain bike, kayak, or going for a hike – I think you get a different perspective on a place when you’ve really engaged with your surroundings. I’ve been lucky enough to race overseas as well as around Australia, and no matter how fast you are going, there is always time to appreciate it!"

Social Media:

Instagram: paddle_kat