Musa Minx Nicole



Nicole Howarth:

Age: 30

Born:New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Occupation: Disability Support Worker.

Activities: Weight training, Full Time Mom (2).

Achievements: Pro Card as Ms Figure Overall Australian Champion. 3rd Place in First International Competition.

My inspiration: "I find passion in training and sharing my story and knowledge with those I've met along the way. Encouraging always, and enforcing that it's not that We 'don't have time' it's that we need to prioritise it. I am a busy mum, I work full time in disabilities and I somehow find the time each day to meet my goals. Four years of training...I imagine what I will achieve with three more... remain humble, remain real and continue to inspire and motivate anyone I meet along the way..."

Social Media:

Instagram: nicolehowarth_figurepro