Who We are? Our Vision, Mission & Values

Musa Spirit is an Australian online active wear boutique and clothing brand based in Western Australia. Established in May 2016, Musa Spirit is a  business with a vision to become a leading enterprise on its area through the fulfilment of its mission and values. 


Our Vision:

      • To be a leading brand and quality active wear provider  in Australia and beyond...

Our Mission:

      •  To achieve our vision, business goals and objectives by living and embracing our core values everyday and in everything We do.

MUSA SPIRIT Core Values are: 

  • Morality &  Ethics: We seek to work with the highest ethical and moral standards, specially by making sure our  products are sourced and obtained in a responsible and sustainable manner, that the vendors We utilise  treat their employees fairly and offer them a safe work environment.  
  • Uniqueness: We look for the new, the colourful, the current, the unusual, combining fashion trends & people’s attitudes.
  • Sustainability: We love and respect the environment and earth's precious natural resources, therefore environmental impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process and the products selected.
  • Accountability: We are accountable for our actions, behaviours and business practices and strive to always abide by the laws governing our business.
  • Service:We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding, professional  and personalised  experience to our customers.
  • Passion: We are passionate about everything We do and stand for, and very positive about our business outlook.
  • Innovation:Innovative and vanguardist offering fashionable fitness and casual clothes to please the most demanding  consumers and are synchronised with the present, giving the collections a differentiated and commercial identity.
  • Respect: We treat our customers, business partners, statutory agencies, team members and members of the community in general with respect and integrity.
  • Inspiring: To inspire and motivate our customers and potential customers. And be known in the market for the quality of our products, our technological fabrics that improve performance in physical exercise, a our diverse portfolio of vibrant colours and unique designs.  
  • Teamwork: We endeavour to  work on a collegiate and collaborative manner with our ambassadors, vendors and business partners. 

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